2nd chance credit

At Estrie Auto Credit, we will work to find the second chance credit arrangement for the most advantageous credit for you, which will best fit your financial situation. You can not afford a car because your credit is an obstacle? Make a secure online credit application with us.

1. We will contact you upon receipt of your request to ensure we have everything in our hands to facilitate access to car financing.
2. Immediately, we will analyze your file in order to make the requests in the right places according to your credit report.
3. When we have received the confirmation of acceptance, we will contact you to make an appointment with us so that you come to make your choice of vehicle.

Take advantage of our 2nd chance credit, loan and auto financing expertise, our contacts and our preferential rates in Magog, Sherbrooke, Granby and South of Montreal!

3rd chance to credit

Thanks to our high volume of 3rd chance credit financing in Magog, Sherbrooke, Granby and south of Montreal, we have access to the lowest financing rates in the industry.

There is no charge to apply for a 3rd chance credit with us.

You will receive advice from our 3rd chance credit team. We are experts in auto loan and financing.