2nd Chance Credit

At Estrie Auto Credit, we work tirelessly to find the second chance credit plan that is best for you and is best adapted to your financial situation. If you?re not currently able to acquire a car because of your credit situation, submit an application for credit approval with us.

      1. We will contact you after receiving your request to make sure we have everything we need to get you easy access to car credit.
      2. We will immediately analyze your application in order to send the request to the best institution to fit with your situation.
      3. When we have received confirmation of acceptance, we will contact you to set an appointment for you to come in and choose your vehicle.

Benefit from our expertise in 2nd chance credit, in loans and in car financing, our preferential rates and our contacts in Magog, Sherbrooke, Granby and south of Montreal!

3rd Chance Credit

Thanks to our high volume of 3rd chance credit financing in Magog, Sherbrooke, Granby and south of Montreal, we have access to the lowest financing rates in the industry. There is no fee for making a 3rd chance credit request with us. Obtain the automotive credit plan you need, regardless of your past or current credit situation. We deal with financial institutions who will register you with the credit bureau, so that you will be able to restore your credit.

Restore your credit rating quickly

Our experts in 3rd chance credit will do everything possible to find you a 3rd chance credit car loan that is most advantageous. Our goal is to make sure you save the most money in the long term all while allowing you to restore your credit.

You will benefit from guidance from our team of 3rd chance credit specialists to help you re-establish your credit. We are the experts in car credit and car loans.